Are the Old Testament laws applicable to the present-day Christian or everyone for that matter?

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Are the Old Testament laws applicable to the present-day Christian or everyone for that matter?

How do the OT laws apply to NT Christians? a study on Acts 15,
and Col 2:16-

The Law is divided into two components.

The Law of God: Exodus 20, Romans 7, Paul talks about the Law of God
The Law of Moses: John 7(circumcision and Sabbath day), Exodus 21,22, and 23

The law of God is for all people at all times. Exodus 20, The Ten Commandments.

The Law of Moses is found in Exodus 21,22, and 23 primarily, then on into Leviticus.
Deals with civil and ceremonial regulations for the people of Israel. It is for the Jewish people.
The law of Moses will be reenacted in the millennial kingdom. The thousand-year period of time when Jesus rules and reigns on the earth from Jerusalem. After a 7year honeymoon in heaven, we will come back and help enforce the Law with will cause peace and prosperity for a thousand years on earth.

We are a new entity(Jew and gentile) called the Church. The law of Moses does not apply to us directly. It is for Israel.

Why do we study it?
We can gain interesting applications
Wonderful insights and illustrations about Christ
Can help you and me in how to live wisely

The Law of the Lord is perfect. Is a schoolmaster, pointing out our frailties and leading us to Christ.
once we come to Christ, The law of God directs us in Christ.

The Law of God is the moral law, Law of Moses is civil and ceremonial
The Law of God is for everyone at all times, the Law of Moses was for the Jewish people
Law of God was spoken audibly, Law of Moses was inspired by God and given to Moses privately
Law of God was written directly, on stone tablets with His own finger Exodus 31:18
Moses wrote the Law of Moses, inspired by God, directed by God
The Law of God was preserved uniquely, in the Ark of the covenant.

We might be free from the Law of Moses, but we are not free from the Law of God. Refer to Rom 7:21

Other contributions from the Bible study fellowship;
Can we keep the Law? Read Gal 3:10-14
Also Gal 4:21-31
The Law of sin and redemption in Christ.
Rom 8:1-5
We should be judged by our fruits rather than how we keep the law->Rom 7:4
Our inability to keep the law shows us that we need a saviour.
We shouldn’t put new wine in old wineskins. This is about us being a new creation.

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